Secrets from a former chef on how to make your meals super awesome

I was just looking to see how many people would click on this post. I don’t have any great secrets, I was never a chef and therefor I could never be a former chef, but in my opinion my family can make some awesome meals.

If you never comeback to this blog ever again, here is some free advice. is awesome and you should go there now and check out every single recipe.

The link above will take you to our first Weight Watcher’s friendly recipe we tested here at BigBitesLittleBites. It is for Balsamic Chicken and Roasted Veggies.

This was an easy recipe to make with tons of great flavors.

Throw it all into a large dish- set the oven and get out of the way. It was just that easy.

I am really just testing out the new blog- so I will include more details later.

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