Big Bites Little Bites Chicken Parm Burger Night

Here is what we had for tonight. Janet had a ladies event at our church, so I was the king and lone cook of the home. I came across this recipe over at SkinnyTaste go check it out.

This was super easy to prepare. Go to your local grocery and get chicken patties, thaw  and toss them on your griddle.

After letting them cook, toss on some mozzarella cheese and place it under the broiler. Remove from the pan and toss it on a roll. Then pour on a little sauce on top and here is what you get.

In theory this could be a Weight Watchers meal, but the way I made it- I would simply say this meal ended somewhere around 15points.

An awesome 15 points may i add.

Both the girls that were home each had a half and loved every bite- especially the cheese. Boy, do my girls love cheese.

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