Crock Pot Chicken Santa Fe – BigBitesLittleBites Review

So, here is another recipe from SkinnyTaste. We are madly in-love with her recipes- each one is getting better and better.

Since on Wednesday nights we go to church (click here to check out Emmorton Baptist Church) we need something easy to make and crock pot recipes are typically perfect.

Janet threw it in the crock early this morning and we cooked the rice once I got home. The final plate looked like this.

The chicken part is only 4pts and a full serving a rice is 5pts.

This was an incredibly hardy meal that the entire family enjoyed. My 6 years old had 3 servings.

What you do not see in the photo is cheddar and sour cream, we forgot about it until later, but I was too hungry to get up and grab my phone.

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