Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a 300lb+ Christian father of 3 girls ( ages 6, 4 and 13mo.) who just (OCT 2011) started Weight Watchers with his stay-at-home wife. In this scenario, the family has to live on one income, transition to life down in Maryland (after his job relocated the them from their life-long home in New Jersey ). If you enjoy reading and watching videos (we will get to more on this later) on  food, humor, an aspiring photographer, penny-pinching family ideas, recipe and restaurant reviews and of course an occasional political or faith based heated discussion – you came to the right place.

Who: Kyle <—– that’s me!
Janet – that’s my wife!
What: see above
Where: We are currently living in Harford County Maryland
When: Our goal is to post daily
Why: Food is fun – cooking it, studying it, tasting it ( sometimes enjoy it /sometimes not )
How: blogging, photo and video

Our goal here is find recipes for our new Weight Watchers adventure we have begun. We will take those recipes- give credit to those who have provided them, then we will cook’m up – take some photos, share some comments and weekly do a recap video of the recipes- what we did and dint like.

You can follow us on twitter @bigbites
or if you want to be very cool “like” us on Facebook.


1 Response to About

  1. Joe Magrino says:

    Good luck on the new version of a great venture!

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